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        求實   創新  規范  高效





            公司秉持“培養優秀員工,生產優質產品,提供優良服務”為質量方針。 一直以客戶滿意度持續提升為目標,以創造世界安全為愿景。以“長思未雨而綢繆,勿到臨渴再掘井”為經營理念,依托合肥國家科技創新型試點市示范區、合蕪蚌自主創新綜合試驗區、皖江城市帶示范區政策疊加的發展機遇,憑借在建筑智能化多個專業領域長期的技術和經驗積累,矢志為用戶創造安全.智能.環保.舒適的生活環境而不懈努力。



        Anhui ZhongXing Security Technology Co.,Ltd


             Anhui ZhongXing Security Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Hefei city which is scenic and famous for “science and technology and the hometown of Lord Bao”. Hefei has a long construction history of 2200 years and since ancient times, the city has known for its outstanding people, glorious land and the reputation of “a strategic area of great military importance”. ZhongXing as a high-tech company, is specialized in developing, producing, selling firefighting warning facilities and best service. The company has all kinds of advanced production equipment and modernized testing and experiment center. By relying on advanced techniques, excellent products and exquisite craftsmanship, ZhongXing has stood out from peers and become the technology leader among intelligent emergency lighting manufacturers nationwide.


            At present, our products are in great sale throughout 20 cities in Anhui, and formed a huge sales network with impressive reputation among users. The company adopt and enforce strictly ISO9001-2008 International standard quality management system and have meticulous control of our products so that they all passed through  national authoritative department’s test and vocational certification. Our products are widely used in public infrastructure constructions like airports, rail transit, passenger terminals, hospitals, schools, gyms, exhibition centers, star hotels, high-end commercial properties and so on.


            “ZhongXingers” are stick to “quality as live, technology as development” and made it as company purpose. We do our best to make better products, meet the market demand to the greatest extend and share joyful success with our users in order to achieve win-win. The company made the slogan of “cultivate excellent staff, make quality products, offer best service” as quality policy, and we aim at continuing to enhance customer satisfaction and creating world safety for vision. ZhongXing takes “in good times provision should be made for bad times” as operation principle and we rely on development opportunity with policy superposition of Hefei Pilot Demonstration Area of National Science and Technology Innovation , He-Wu-Beng Reform Testing Areas of Independent Innovation and Wan-jiang urban belt. With so many years of professional experience and technique in building intellectualization, we are determined to make unremitting endeavor to create safe, intelligent, environmental and comfortable living condition for users.


            Booming ZhongXing is looking forward to cooperating with you and make mutually-beneficial and win-win future.